Thank you for letting me, family and friends enjoy many meals in your lovely restaurant. We always have a great time and the food is always perfect!

Café 19 Customer    December 20, 2014    Frinton-on-Sea   

Thank you all so much for all that you do to add to the quality of Frinton life... The quality of your service - warm but efficient - is second to none!

Café 19 Customer    December 19, 2014    Frinton-on-Sea   

All the best 'coffee makers' and the sweetest girls at Café 19!

Café 19 Customer    December 18, 2014    Frinton-on-Sea   

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Healthy 2015!
Thanks for the best coffee and food!

Café 19 Customer    December 18, 2014    Frinton-on-Sea   

We are so grateful to you, for your many kindnesses and care - especially towards my mum. May God bless you all with a really special Christmas!

Café 19 Customer    December 15, 2014   

Thank you very much for the drinks, they were awsome, sorry we didn't finsh them we are so full up! : )

Café 19 Customer    November 15, 2014